Global Coverage

See where Fonus has coverage for your wireless needs.

This table lists countries with unlimited data and countries you can make unlimited outbound calls to. Outbound texts (SMS/MMS) are only supported towards US & Canadian numbers currently. (Inbound calls and texts from all countries are always unlimited.)

For international calling destinations not covered on this list, Fonus offers an included number of free calling minutes on all wireless plans, as well as per-minute calling rates in case the included minutes are consumed. To see those rates, click on the "Included Calling Minutes & Rates" tab.

CountryUnlimited DataUnlimited Calls
American Samoa
British Virgin Islands
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic*
Faroe Islands
French Guiana*
Hong Kong
Mariana Islands
New Zealand
Puerto Rico
Reunion Island
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
United Kingdom
United States
US Virgin Islands

*Unlimited calling to destinations with an asterisk (*) only applicable to landline numbers. For cellular numbers in those destinations, a number of free calling minutes are included, after which calling rates will be on a per-minute basis. To see those minutes and rates, click on the "Included Calling Minutes & Rates" tab.

This table lists international calling destinations not covered by the list of countries with unlimited calls. The included minutes per month column indicates the number of free calling minutes that comes with all Fonus wireless plans on a monthly basis, and the $/min column indicates the pricing per minute for destinations with no included minutes, or for after included minutes have been consumed. All rates are in USD.

To see the list of countries with unlimited data & calls, click on the "Unlimited Data & Calling Destinations" tab. 

DestinationIncluded minutes per month$/min (after included mins)
Afghanistan47 mins$0.21
Afghanistan - Cellular50 mins$0.20
Albania49 mins$0.21
Albania - Cellular18 mins$0.56
Algeria - Cellular10 mins$1.03
Andorra - Cellular34 mins$0.30
Angola - Cellular48 mins$0.21
Anguilla35 mins$0.29
Anguilla - Cellular31 mins$0.32
Antarctica9 mins$1.16
Antigua and Barbuda30 mins$0.33
Antigua and Barbuda - Cellular31 mins$0.32
Armenia53 mins$0.19
Armenia - Cellular33 mins$0.31
Armenia - Yerevan42 mins$0.24
Aruba - Cellular36 mins$0.28
Ascension Island5 mins$2.00
Austria131 mins$0.08
Austria - Cellular34 mins$0.29
Austria - Cellular - Special24 mins$0.41
Azerbaijan37 mins$0.27
Azerbaijan - Cellular24 mins$0.43
Bahamas34 mins$0.29
Bahamas - Cellular33 mins$0.30
Bahrain69 mins$0.14
Bahrain - Cellular62 mins$0.16
Barbados40 mins$0.25
Barbados - Cellular33 mins$0.31
Belarus20 mins$0.50
Belarus - Cellular20 mins$0.49
Belgium - Cellular54 mins$0.18
Belgium - Cellular - Other21 mins
Belize35 mins$0.28
Belize - Cellular35 mins$0.29
Benin24 mins$0.42
Benin - Cellular24 mins$0.42
Bolivia48 mins$0.21
Bolivia - Cellular42 mins$0.24
Bolivia - Cochabamba77 mins$0.13
Bolivia - Equal Access74 mins$0.14
Bolivia - La Paz88 mins$0.11
Bolivia - Rural40 mins$0.25
Bolivia - Santa Cruz73 mins$0.14
Bosnia and Herzegovina49 mins$0.21
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Cellular18 mins$0.55
Botswana40 mins$0.25
Botswana - Cellular38 mins$0.26
Bulgaria - Cellular25 mins$0.40
Burkina Faso21 mins$0.47
Burkina Faso - Cellular - Celtel20 mins$0.51
Burkina Faso - Cellular - Telecel30 mins$0.34
Burkina Faso - Cellular - Telmob19 mins$0.54
Burundi19 mins$0.53
Burundi - Cellular19 mins$0.52
Cameroon84 mins$0.12
Cameroon - Cellular - MTN29 mins$0.35
Cameroon - Cellular - Orange21 mins$0.48
Cape Verde60 mins$0.17
Cape Verde - Cellular29 mins$0.35
Cayman Islands182 mins$0.05
Cayman Islands - Cellular39 mins$0.25
Central African Republic24 mins$0.42
Central African Republic - Cellular16 mins$0.64
Chad14 mins$0.72
Chad - Cellular15 mins$0.67
Chile - Rural467 mins
Comoros24 mins$0.42
Comoros - Cellular13 mins$0.76
Congo24 mins$0.42
Congo - Cellular14 mins$0.71
Cook Islands7 mins$1.37
Croatia - Cellular131 mins$0.08
Cuba12 mins$0.85
Cuba - Cellular12 mins$0.85
Cyprus - Cellular45 mins$0.22
Democratic Republic Congo24 mins$0.42
Democratic Republic Congo - Cellular18 mins$0.56
Diego Garcia24 mins$0.42
Directory Assistance0 mins$0.42
Djibouti22 mins$0.46
Djibouti - Cellular24 mins$0.42
Dominica37 mins$0.27
Dominica - Cellular37 mins$0.27
Dominican Republic - Cellular79 mins$0.13
East Timor10 mins$1.05
Ecuador61 mins$0.16
Ecuador - Cellular - Alegro34 mins$0.29
Ecuador - Cellular - Movistar59 mins$0.17
Ecuador - Cellular - Porta44 mins$0.23
Egypt - Cellular - Etisalat133 mins$0.08
Egypt - Cellular - Other65 mins$0.15
El Salvador73 mins$0.14
El Salvador - Cellular - CTE79 mins$0.13
El Salvador - Cellular - Digicell79 mins$0.13
El Salvador - Cellular - Other53 mins$0.19
El Salvador - Cellular - Telefonica80 mins$0.13
El Salvador - Cellular - Tmovil77 mins$0.13
El Salvador - CTE S.A.109 mins$0.09
El Salvador - Telefonica79 mins$0.13
Equatorial Guinea24 mins$0.42
Equatorial Guinea - Cellular17 mins$0.58
Eritrea33 mins$0.30
Eritrea - Cellular34 mins$0.29
Estonia - Cellular22 mins$0.46
Ethiopia32 mins$0.31
Ethiopia - Addis Ababa33 mins$0.30
Ethiopia - Addis Ababa (Cellular)44 mins$0.23
Ethiopia - Cellular43 mins$0.23
Falkland Islands9 mins$1.15
Fiji Islands28 mins$0.36
Fiji Islands - Cellular28 mins$0.36
Finland92 mins$0.11
Finland - Cellular24 mins$0.41
France - Cellular198 mins$0.05
France - Cellular - Globalstar19 mins$0.53
French Guiana - Cellular80 mins$0.13
French Polynesia43 mins$0.23
French Polynesia - Cellular28 mins$0.36
Gabon24 mins$0.42
Gabon - Cellular20 mins$0.51
Gambia17 mins$0.58
Gambia - Cellular17 mins$0.59
Georgia48 mins$0.21
Georgia - Cellular26 mins$0.38
Germany - Cellular840 mins$0.01
Germany - Cellular - E Plus652 mins$0.39
Ghana30 mins$0.34
Ghana - Cellular - MTN39 mins$0.26
Ghana - Cellular - Other34 mins$0.30
Ghana - Cellular - Vodafone36 mins$0.28
Gibraltar - Cellular55 mins$0.18
GMSS2 mins$5.54
Greece - Cellular828 mins$0.01
Greenland160 mins$0.06
Grenada83 mins$0.12
Grenada - Cellular36 mins$0.28
Guantanamo Bay12 mins$0.84
Guatemala - Cellular - Comcel51 mins$0.20
Guatemala - Cellular - Sercom/Claro69 mins$0.14
Guatemala - Cellular - Telefonica63 mins$0.16
Guinea15 mins$0.65
Guinea - Bissau15 mins$0.67
Guinea - Cellular - Areeba19 mins$0.52
Guinea - Cellular - Cellcom23 mins$0.44
Guinea - Cellular - Orange18 mins$0.54
Guyana34 mins$0.29
Guyana - Cellular - Digicel43 mins$0.23
Guyana - Cellular - Other32 mins$0.31
Haiti53 mins$0.19
Haiti - Cellular - Digicel32 mins$0.31
Haiti - Cellular - Other53 mins$0.19
Honduras63 mins$0.16
Honduras - Cellular - Celtel45 mins$0.22
Honduras - Cellular - Digicel45 mins$0.22
Honduras - Cellular - Hondutel61 mins$0.16
Honduras - Cellular - Megatel61 mins$0.16
Incomplete-Abandon0 mins$0.42
Inmarsat2 mins$4.89
International Networks24 mins$0.42
Iran43 mins$0.23
Iran - Cellular38 mins$0.26
Iran - Tehran43 mins$0.23
Iraq31 mins$0.32
Iraq - Baghdad24 mins$0.42
Iraq - Cellular38 mins$0.27
Israel - Palestine Authority42 mins$0.24
Israel - Palestine Authority - Cellular36 mins$0.28
Italy - Cellular464 mins$0.02
Ivory Coast25 mins$0.40
Ivory Coast - Cellular - Moov23 mins$0.43
Ivory Coast - Cellular - MTN25 mins$0.40
Ivory Coast - Cellular - Orange26 mins$0.39
Ivory Coast - Cellular - Other24 mins$0.42
Jamaica47 mins$0.21
Jamaica - Cellular - C&W41 mins$0.24
Jamaica - Cellular - Digicel53 mins$0.19
Jordan48 mins$0.21
Jordan - Cellular45 mins$0.22
Kazakhstan - Cellular39 mins$0.26
Kenya46 mins$0.22
Kenya - Cellular - Celtel53 mins$0.19
Kenya - Cellular - Orange39 mins$0.26
Kenya - Cellular - Other24 mins$0.42
Kenya - Cellular - Safaricom79 mins$0.13
Kiribati5 mins$1.93
Kosovo24 mins$0.42
Kosovo - Cellular17 mins$0.57
Kyrgyzstan73 mins$0.14
Kyrgyzstan - Cellular39 mins$0.26
Latvia40 mins$0.25
Latvia - Cellular24 mins$0.42
Latvia - Olo23 mins$0.44
Lebanon94 mins$0.11
Lebanon - Cellular45 mins$0.22
Lesotho17 mins$0.60
Lesotho - Cellular14 mins$0.73
Liberia19 mins$0.52
Liberia - Cellular - Cellcom20 mins$0.49
Liberia - Cellular - Comium17 mins$0.59
Liberia - Cellular - Libercell16 mins$0.62
Liberia - Cellular - Lonestar21 mins$0.47
Libya33 mins$0.30
Libya - Cellular27 mins$0.37
Libya - Cellular - Al Hurra24 mins$0.42
Liechtenstein - Cellular130 mins$0.08
Liechtenstein - Premium Services146 mins$0.07
Lithuania59 mins$0.17
Lithuania - Cellular22 mins$0.46
Lithuania - Personal Numbering22 mins$0.45
Luxembourg40 mins$0.25
Luxembourg - Cellular42 mins$0.24
Macedonia52 mins$0.19
Macedonia - Cellular19 mins$0.53
Madagascar14 mins$0.70
Madagascar - Cellular13 mins$0.76
Malawi16 mins$0.63
Malawi - Cellular16 mins$0.61
Maldives9 mins$1.17
Mali18 mins$0.56
Mali - Cellular19 mins$0.52
Malta63 mins$0.16
Malta - Cellular18 mins$0.56
Marshall Islands28 mins$0.36
Marshall Islands - Cellular32 mins$0.31
Martinique - Cellular31 mins$0.33
Mauritania24 mins$0.42
Mauritania - Cellular16 mins$0.61
Micronesia14 mins$0.71
Micronesia - Cellular14 mins$0.70
Moldova24 mins$0.42
Moldova - Cellular33 mins$0.30
Monaco - Cellular28 mins$0.36
Montenegro46 mins$0.22
Montenegro - Cellular20 mins$0.51
Montserrat31 mins$0.32
Montserrat - Cellular30 mins$0.34
Morocco - Cellular13 mins$0.77
Morocco - Wana16 mins$0.64
Mozambique37 mins$0.27
Mozambique - Cellular31 mins$0.32
Myanmar71 mins$0.14
Myanmar - Cellular44 mins$0.23
Nauru24 mins$0.42
Nepal50 mins$0.20
Nepal - Cellular54 mins$0.19
Nepal - Katmandu50 mins$0.20
Netherlands415 mins$0.02
Netherlands - Cellular37 mins$0.27
Netherlands Antilles47 mins$0.21
Netherlands Antilles - Cellular48 mins$0.21
New Caledonia19 mins$0.52
New Zealand - Scott Base24 mins$0.42
Nicaragua56 mins$0.18
Nicaragua - Cellular - Claro63 mins$0.16
Nicaragua - Cellular - Movistar39 mins$0.26
Niger33 mins$0.30
Niger - Cellular35 mins$0.29
Nigeria - Cellular - Celtel72 mins$0.14
Nigeria - Cellular - Globacom102 mins$0.10
Nigeria - Cellular - MTN76 mins$0.13
Nigeria - Cellular - Other119 mins$0.08
Niue24 mins$0.42
Norfolk Island12 mins$0.83
North Korea11 mins$0.89
Oman69 mins$0.15
Oman - Cellular52 mins$0.19
Palau31 mins$0.32
Palestine42 mins$0.24
Palestine - Cellular37 mins$0.27
Panama - Cellular63 mins$0.16
Papua New Guinea8 mins$1.29
Philippines63 mins$0.16
Philippines - Cellular - Globe102 mins$0.10
Philippines - Cellular - Other46 mins$0.22
Philippines - Cellular - Smart100 mins$0.10
Poland - Cellular467 mins$0.02
Portugal - Cellular51 mins$0.20
Qatar47 mins$0.21
Qatar - Cellular47 mins$0.21
Reunion Island207 mins$0.05
Reunion Island - Cellular507 mins$0.02
Russia - Abkhazia35 mins$0.28
Russia - Cellular - Beeline49 mins$0.21
Russia - Cellular - Megafone46 mins$0.22
Russia - Cellular - MTS47 mins$0.21
Russia - Cellular - Other29 mins$0.34
Rwanda30 mins$0.34
Rwanda - Cellular29 mins$0.34
Samoa7 mins$1.34
Samoa - Cellular8 mins$1.33
San Marino421 mins$0.02
San Marino - Cellular12 mins$0.83
Sao Tome and Principe6 mins$1.68
Saudi Arabia62 mins$0.16
Saudi Arabia - Cellular - Other63 mins$0.16
Saudi Arabia - Cellular - STC57 mins$0.18
Senegal37 mins$0.27
Senegal - Cellular - Orange47 mins$0.21
Senegal - Cellular - Sudatel17 mins$0.58
Senegal - Cellular - Tigo20 mins$0.51
Serbia50 mins$0.20
Serbia - Cellular19 mins$0.52
Serbia - Kosovo19 mins$0.52
Seychelles11 mins$0.87
Sierra Leone18 mins$0.55
Sierra Leone - Cellular19 mins$0.52
Slovenia44 mins$0.23
Slovenia - Cellular20 mins$0.50
Solomon Islands8 mins$1.25
Somalia21 mins$0.48
Somalia - Cellular30 mins$0.33
South Africa104 mins$0.10
South Africa - Cellular86 mins$0.12
South Africa - Cellular - MTN102 mins$0.10
South Sudan20 mins$0.51
South Sudan - Cellular17 mins$0.59
Spain - Cellular415 mins$0.02
Spain - Cellular - Special17 mins$0.59
Sri Lanka50 mins$0.20
Sri Lanka - Cellular50 mins$0.20
St. Helena24 mins$0.42
St. Kitts and Nevis36 mins$0.28
St. Kitts and Nevis - Cellular34 mins$0.29
St. Lucia41 mins$0.24
St. Lucia - Cellular35 mins$0.29
St. Maarten70 mins$0.14
St. Maarten - Cellular64 mins$0.16
St. Pierre and Miquelon54 mins$0.19
St. Pierre and Miquelon - Cellular24 mins$0.42
St. Vincent38 mins$0.26
St. Vincent - Cellular34 mins$0.29
Sudan50 mins$0.20
Sudan - Cellular - MTN43 mins$0.23
Sudan - Cellular - Sudatel39 mins$0.26
Sudan - Cellular - Zain39 mins$0.25
Suriname29 mins$0.34
Suriname - Cellular26 mins$0.39
Swaziland58 mins$0.17
Swaziland - Cellular55 mins$0.18
Switzerland - Cellular26 mins$0.38
Switzerland - Cellular - Sunrise28 mins$0.35
Syria30 mins$0.33
Syria - Cellular26 mins$0.38
Taiwan - Cellular84 mins$0.12
Tajikistan24 mins$0.42
Tajikistan - Cellular44 mins$0.23
Tanzania24 mins$0.41
Tanzania - Cellular25 mins$0.40
Togo27 mins$0.37
Togo - Cellular28 mins$0.36
Tokelau7 mins$1.48
Tonga7 mins$1.39
Tonga - Cellular7 mins$1.49
Trinidad and Tobago201 mins$0.05
Trinidad and Tobago - Cellular55 mins$0.18
Tunisia9 mins$1.06
Tunisia - Cellular9 mins$1.06
Turkey - Cellular44 mins$0.23
Turkmenistan62 mins$0.16
Turks and Caicos37 mins$0.27
Turks and Caicos - Cellular32 mins$0.31
Tuvalu8 mins$1.25
Uganda20 mins$0.50
Uganda - Cellular26 mins$0.39
Ukraine55 mins$0.18
Ukraine - Cellular33 mins$0.30
United Arab Emirates49 mins$0.20
United Arab Emirates - Cellular51 mins$0.20
United Kingdom - Special Services55 mins
United Kingdom - Personal Numbering33 mins$0.31
Uruguay - Cellular49 mins$0.20
Uzbekistan75 mins$0.13
Uzbekistan - Cellular101 mins$0.10
Uzbekistan - Tashkent93 mins$0.11
Vanuatu3 mins$3.08
Venezuela - Cellular137 mins$0.07
Wallis and Futuna22 mins$0.46
Yemen55 mins$0.18
Yemen - Cellular - MTN59 mins$0.17
Yemen - Cellular - Other59 mins$0.17
Yemen - Cellular - Sabafon59 mins$0.17
Zambia19 mins$0.53
Zambia - Cellular17 mins$0.59
Zimbabwe31 mins$0.32
Zimbabwe - Cellular17 mins$0.60

Please note that that the included minutes are not mutually exclusive from one another (i.e. as the number of remaining minutes decreases for one destination, all other destinations' remaining minutes also decrease proportionally). The number of remaining minutes for a specific destination will be notified to you via voice prompt at the beginning of each call you make towards a non-unlimited destination.