eSIM installation instructions (iPhone)

Follow the steps below to configure the Fonus eSIM on your iPhone. Make sure that you have subscribed to one of our plans with eSIM and have received the eSIM QR code at your email address before proceeding.


Step 1: Go to Settings > Cellular > Add eSIM and click on “Use QR code” (see image).

Step 2: Scan the QR code that you received in your email.

2023-08-01 11.57.52

Step 3: Click on “Continue” when you see “Activate eSIM” and wait for the eSIM to be activated (while it says “Connecting to network”). Do not interrupt this process as doing so will make the eSIM unusable.

Settings > Cellular (single-SIM view)
Settings > Cellular (multi-SIM view)

Step 4: Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network (see first image).

  • If you do not see “Cellular Data Network“, it means you have multiple SIMs on your iPhone (see second image).
  • Please make sure that all SIMs and eSIMs are removed or turned off (by clicking on each of them and toggling “Turn On This Line” to the off setting), except for the Fonus eSIM (in this case it is “Secondary“, but could be another name that your iPhone has assigned to it, such as “Business”, “Travel”, “Personal”, etc.).
  • Click on the Fonus SIM profile in your list of SIMs (“Secondary” in this case), then click on Cellular Data Network. 

Step 5: On the “Cellular Data Network” page, enter in both APN fields for Cellular Data and Personal Hotspot (see image). Leave the “Username” and “Password” fields blank.

Return to the previous screen when done.

Single-SIM view
Multi-SIM view

Step 6: Make sure that “Cellular Data” is switched on and “Roaming” is set to on (see first image).

  • If you have multiple SIMs, make sure that “Turn On This Line” and “Data Roaming” are enabled (see second image).

Step 7: Connect to a Wi-Fi network on your iPhone with Internet access. Open the Safari browser, go to and click on Download APN Profile

Click “Allow” on the popup that shows up and click “Close” when you see “Profile Downloaded” (see image).


Step 8: Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management and click on Fonus APN Profile (please remove all existing profiles first if you have any installed already).

  • Click Install on the top right and enter your device passcode (if any).
  • Click Install again on the top right corner of the Warning page. Click the red Install button that pops-up below.
  • Click Done on the top right corner of the Profile Installed page

Your Fonus data should be working now! 

If not, enable Airplane Mode for 30 seconds and disable it.